Data Visualization and Business Intelligence Services

Real time data visualization - QmediaX

Big Data or Raw data and the extensions of the data like reporting, BI (Business Intelligence), visualization and aggregation lie at the core of an organization’s ability to effectively consume data and make decisions that elevates businesses.

Besides primarily catering to the market research industry, QmediaX provides business intelligence and data visualization services to help you unify your data from different platforms to  build appealing dashboards to arrive at key metrics to make decisions across all your business functions.

Why leverage data visualization services?

Old school way of analyzing the data on the excel sheet with pivot table can be time consuming and tedious to main in a centralized place if there is too much data across all the business functions. Unifying all the excel sheet is a massive task and would require human intervention and also may lead to erroneous reports.

Putting up with fast paced environment and cut throat competition requires competitive edge and swift decision making capabilities. Data visualization helps map the audiences and recognize patterns quickly as processing visual information is easier than brain processed information. Data visualization helps make data analytics and decision making simpler.

Advantages of migrating to Business Intelligence or data visualization:

  • Quicker and accurate reporting, analysis and planning
  • Data is the key to drive any business. Decision making gets simpler with BI
  • Improved data quality, operational efficiency across business functions, customer and employee satisfaction
  • Helps you establish competitive advantage effortlessly
  • Reduced efforts and costs helps you build focus on revenue.
  • Lastly, human error is very less as its all automated